📩Can I change the sender address for emails sent by the app Big Digital Download?

Yes you can.

You only need to make sure you're on the "PLUS" plan of the app.

Once you are, you'll be able to add your own email address. Please be aware it might be a bit technical since you'll need to add some custom DNS on you registar (Namecheap, Hostinger, Godaddy, etc.)

⚠️ Please note the app does not allow to add a public domain ( @yahoo.com @gmail.com etc.) since you don't "own them". Another company does. You need to use a domain you own.

Once you've added all the DNS to your registar, click on "verify" and if everything looks "green", email will be sent from your domain from now on.

Please note that the DNS verification part can take anywhere from 5min to 72h. This is not handled by the app and we have absolutely no way to speed that up.

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