🐘Can I upload some big files (150GB for instance)?

TL;DR : contact us on our livechat if you need to upload more than 1,000GB

Here is an extract from our Terms & Conditions to which you've agreed to

BIG Digital Downloads (the platform) is pleased to offer you a platform for the sale and distribution of digital products. As part of our commitment to ensuring fair and optimal usage of our services, we have established a storage limitation policy. Each customer account shall be allocated a maximum storage capacity of 100GB for digital product storage. This allocation is designed to maintain the overall performance of the Platform and provide an equitable experience for all users.

Consequences of Excessive Storage Usage:

It is imperative to acknowledge the potential ramifications of exceeding the stipulated 1000GB storage limit. Beyond this threshold, the Platform’s performance may be detrimentally affected, impeding critical functionalities accessible to all users. The excessive consumption of storage resources could also disrupt the seamless provision of services to other customers. To safeguard the quality of service for all stakeholders, we kindly request that customers manage their digital product storage within the established parameters.

Site Hosting Consideration:

Moreover, it is crucial to understand that surpassing the 1000GB storage limit may inadvertently transform the nature of your usage on the Platform. Should your storage consumption extend beyond this limit, it could potentially classify your account as a hosting platform for files, rather than the intended usage as a digital product distribution channel. We wish to emphasize that our operational structure and resources are not legally equipped to facilitate or manage the responsibilities associated with hosting platforms.

In cases where a customer consistently exceeds the 1000GB storage limitation, we reserve the right to undertake corrective measures. These measures may include temporary suspension of certain account privileges related to the uploading of new products until the storage usage is realigned with the specified threshold. This strategic action is undertaken with the aim of maintaining a balanced and equitable distribution of resources on the Platform, precluding any individual from monopolizing resources to the detriment of others.

By adhering to the storage limitation policy, users can ensure an uninterrupted and efficient experience on the BIG Digital Downloads Products Platform. Your understanding and cooperation in complying with this policy are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact our support team if you require further clarification or assistance regarding this matter.

This storage limitation policy is an integral part of our Terms of Use and by continuing to use the Platform, you acknowledge and agree to abide by its provisions. We reserve the right to modify or update this policy as necessary to ensure the sustained quality of service to all users.

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