📬Customer don't receive their files through email, why?

It could be several things leading to customer not receiving any email.

Hypothesis 1 : (95% of the cases, it is "just" this) : the email actually was delivered but it landed in your customer spam folder. Ask him to check the spam/junk folder, email will be there.

Hypothesis 2 : Make sure the "order" is marked as "paid". Big digital download app only delivers files when Shopify considers the order "paid". As long as the payment is "on hold", our app won't deliver the digital product to your customer.

Hypothesis 3 : Have you deleted the shopify product which was connected to the digital product? If that's the case, nothing will happen since the Shopify product need to exist so the app can work. Please create another product and bind it to your digital product

Hypothesis 4 : maybe Shopify API is taking longer than usual to process the order. Please wait at least 30min before panicking as in most cases, everything gets back into order quickly.

Hypothesis 5 : Make sure the order is not "high risk" as we will not deliver to "high risk" orders

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