😡Why customers can't download their files right after they bought it?

First thing first, your customers should receive the digital product through email no matter what. If this is the case, it means the app is working as it should.

Now let's see how your customers can download the files right after they've purchased without having to wait for the email.

First, make sure you've enabled the "post purchase page".

This can be activated in "Shopify settings" then "checkout"

Please note the following

❌ This page only shows for order over $1 (it will not show for free products)

❌ This page will not show for orders paid through Shop/Paypal Express/ Apple Pay/ Google Pay).

Make sure the order was over $1 and paid via a regular credit card.

You can read more about the limits of this page on Shopify official documentation. This is not something the app can change as it is a Shopify native feature.

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