📂Why Customers have an issue while downloading the files?

It could be several things such as :

Hypothesis 1 : Is your file too big (i.e over 10MB) and you're using "download files all at once"?

Please check how heavy is your digital product. If the sum of the files of the digital product you're selling is over 10MB, do NOT use the feature "download all at once". Make sure to use "download files individually" feature or it might not be downloadable since it will be too ressource intensive to automatically compress it from my end.

If you encounter this issue, you'll most likely see this error message "we encountered an error when trying to load your application and your page could not be served. Check the logs for your application in the App Platform Dashboard"

If you absolutely want people to download all of your big files at once, please follow this guide.


Hypothesis 2 : Have you deleted the original product on Shopify?

If you've deleted the Shopify product to which the digital product was attached, then no email will be sent at all.


Hypothesis 3 : Are you using the PDF stamping feature?

If you're using the stamping feature, make sure you're not stamping a password protected PDF. It might make everything crash.


Hypothesis 4 : Have you setup a download limit?

If that's the case, please consider upping the limit since a limit of "1" will not work for most of your users. As soon as someone click on "download" it will count as 1 and people trying to download the file again will not be able to do so, even if the first download has failed.

So either setup a generous limit of 5 for instance or no limit at all, which is usually what works best if your customers are not tech-friendly.

Please note that changing the limit will not change it for past customers, it will only change the limit for new purchases.

Past customers will need to order again from you if they want to have the digital product with the new product.

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