🚀How to create my first digital product?

Today, I'll walk you through how to get a digital product ready for your shoppers.

Let's dive in!

For the sake of this example, let say I want to sell my book called "The 7 Boats" thanks to this app, in the form of a PDF.

The first step would be to go on Shopify and create a product that we will later link to the app.

Create a new product on Shopify. Give it a title. Make sure to uncheck "track inventory" as it will be a digital product. Also uncheck "this product requires shipping" as it does not. Then hit save once you've set a price for your variants if any. I'll create 2 variants. I'll sell 100 pages or the whole book.

The second step would be to enable the post-purchase page. This can be found in Shopify settings then Checkout.

Once it's enabled, open the app Big Digital Download and click the button that says "Create a Digital Product" then click on "select a product".

In that window, type a few words about your product to find it. This is a product you've already made in Shopify. Once you see the product you want to turn into a digital product, click "Add". By the way, you can pick all the variants of a product or just one of the variant. It's up to you. For instance, you could only sell the first 100 pages of your book instead of selling your whole book.

Now, you'll see a form to help set up your digital product.

The name should be already pre-filled with your product name.

Then in "Customer will get access to" pick "Digital file".

A bit below, upload your digital file. In my case I'll upload the file related to the 100 pages variant which i've picked earlier.

Once it's uploaded and you're happy with all the settings, hit "save".

Great job! Now, your digital product is ready for people to buy.

Let's quickly check how this looks for buyers:

They'll go to your store, pick this product, and buy it.

After they pay, they'll first see a page called "post-purchase page". On this page, they will be able to download their file.

After this page, they'll continue on a new page called "thank you page". On this new page, there will also be a button for downloading in case they missed the first one.

Also, the app will send them an email with links to download what they bought.

Every customer purchasing will have 3 opportunities to download their files.

That's it! Simple, right? If you need more help, let us know by using the live chat inside the app.

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