⬇️How to add a download button to my products?

❌ It is not possible to add a "download" button directly on the product page.

✅ It is possible to add a "download" button after your customers have purchased your prodcut.

To do that, please follow those steps :

Step 1 : In the Big Digital Download app, you can click on "new digital product".

Step 2 : When setting up or editing a product, you have a box when you can drag'n'drop a File.

Step 3 : Click on this box to open the popup and pick a file from your computer.

Step 4 : After it is uploaded, the download button will automatically be added to the order's confirmation page when this product is purchased.

Bonus : you can also watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4zgxfjRihs

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