📍How to add different locations?

Adding Multiple Locations to Your Booking Options

If your service is available at various locations, you can create location variants for your product and associate them with your Cowlendar bookings. Follow these detailed instructions:

Step 1 : Create a Location Variant in Your Product Settings (Open the specific product that needs variants)

  • Navigate to your product details page.

  • Add a variant named appropriately, such as "Service Location" or "Choose Your Booking Location."

Step 2: Input Location Options

  • Input as many locations as you want as option under the variant you've just created

  • Under the newly created variant, list all the possible locations you offer as options (e.g., Paris, New York, Tokyo).

Step 3 : Set Up the Service in Cowlendar

  • In Cowlendar, go to "New Service" to start setting up your service offerings.

  • Select your first location (e.g., Paris) and adjust your service details accordingly to this specific location.

Step 4 : Save and Duplicate for Additional Locations

  • After saving the service for your first location, repeat Step 3 for each of the remaining locations.

  • For each new location, ensure you save the service before proceeding to set up the next.

Step 5 : open your product page and check that the price varies accordingly to the variant your customer will pick

After setting up all the services in Cowlendar corresponding to your Shopify variants:

  • Navigate back to your product page to verify that the price and available timeslots update according to the selected variant.

  • Each variant should reflect the appropriate duration and price, ensuring a consistent and accurate booking experience for your customers.

Additional Considerations for Shopify Product Variants:

  • A single product can feature up to 100 variants with up to three different options (like size, color, location).

  • Use Shopify’s custom metafields if you need to store extra details for any variant.

  • Make sure to fine-tune the specifics for each variant, though the price might remain constant, other details like availability or service-related information may differ by location.

By completing these steps, you effectively integrate location variants into your booking system, offering a clear choice for your customers and streamlining the management of your services across different locations.

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