🆘"Help! I Can't See the Cowlendar Calendar!"

First off, do not worry! This happens sometimes, and we have got a checklist to help you troubleshoot the most common issues. Before reaching out to our support team, please take a moment to go through these steps. You might find the quick fix you need!

Possible issue #1: (THE MOST COMMON) : App Extension Not Enabled

Let us start simple. Please double-check that the Cowlendar app extension is active. This is a common oversight, and enabling it could solve the problem.

2️⃣pageStep 2/2 - Enable Cowlendar on your theme [MANDATORY]


Possible issue #2: Viewing in Theme Editor

Are you trying to view Cowlendar in your theme editor? Here is a little insider info: Cowlendar does not always show up there. Instead, try checking your product on your live website, where your customers would see it.


Possible issue #3: Inventory Check

Take a quick look at your product's inventory. Is it set up correctly? If not, you might need to add some inventory or uncheck the "track quantity" option on your product page. How can I do that? Click here for a guide!

🛍️pageMake sure to have some inventory


Possible issue #4: Product Not Published

Is your product published on your Online Channel? This is an easy step to miss, but it is super important for making sure everything works smoothly.

🛒pageMake sure your product is published in your Online Store


Possible issue #5: Product Status

Check your product's status. Is it still a draft? It needs to be live for Cowlendar to work its magic. If you need help changing this, click here for instructions.

🌎pageMake sure your product is not in a draft mode


Possible issue #6: Add to Cart Button Missing

Cowlendar needs an "Add to Cart" button to function correctly. If yours needs to be added, here is a guide on how to add it back.

pageMake sure you have an Add To Cart button on your product page


Possible issue #7: Product Edits After Setup

Did you make any changes to your product after you set up your service? Things like tweaking the name, adding a new variant, or adjusting the price? No worries if you did – it is an easy fix!

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Head over to "My Services."

  2. Find the service that's being stubborn and not showing the "BOOK NOW" button, and hit "Edit."

  3. Make sure all the product variants are selected correctly. Got them? Great, now hit "Save."

Here is some behind-the-scenes info on what is happening: When you change a product variant, Shopify changes its ID. Our app, however, is still looking for the old ID, and that is why it gets confused and does not show the "BOOK NOW" button.

However, don't you worry! By reselecting the variants and saving, you help our app catch up and link the proper variant ID to the "BOOK NOW" button. Moreover, just like that, you are back in business!

Thanks for hanging in there and fixing this up. You are awesome! 😊


Possible issue #8: Looking in the App Section of Theme Editor

If you are in the app section of the theme editor looking for Cowlendar, you will not find it there. Do not worry; this is normal! Once everything is set up correctly, Cowlendar will automatically change your "Add to Cart" button to a "Book Now" button.

👺pageI can't add this app on my sections and pages! its saying no app block found


Still Stuck?

If you have gone through all these steps and things still are not working, please contact us through the live chat ASAP. We are here to help, and we want to get this sorted out for you quickly! 😊

We hope this checklist helps you get back on track and makes your Cowlendar experience smoother. Thanks for choosing Cowlendar!

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