Make sure you have an Add To Cart button on your product page

Cowlendar Booking App needs an add to cart button to work.

For this guide, we will focus on ensuring the "Add to Cart" button is on your product page, which is crucial for the Cowlendar Booking App to function correctly. Sometimes, users may accidentally delete this button from their product pages, but following these steps will help you add it back.

Remember, these changes are crucial for the Cowlendar Booking App to work correctly, as it requires an "Add to Cart" button to replace with a "Book Now" button. Ensuring this button is present and functional, you helps create a smoother booking experience for your customers.

Here is how to add it again

Step 1 : Accessing Your Theme Editor

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard.

  2. Navigate to "Online Store" and click "Customize."

Step 2 : Opening Your Product Page

  1. Click on "Home Page."

  2. Select "Default Product."

Addressing Potential Issues

Issue A: make sure your buy button is not hidden

If the Buy Button appears greyed out, click on the "eye" icon next to it to un-hide it.

Issue B: Missing Buy Button

If there is no Buy Button block, click "Add block" and choose "Buy Buttons."

Step 3 : Save Your Changes

Ensure you click "Save" to apply your changes. Forgetting this step is a common mistake, and taking the time to save ensures everything works as it should.

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