🌎Make sure your product is not in a draft mode

For the Cowlendar booking app to function seamlessly, your product needs to be set to live mode rather than draft mode.

Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your product is live:

1. Accessing Your Product Settings

  • Navigate to Settings > Checkout from your Shopify admin panel.

2. Checking Current Checkout Status

  • Within the Checkout customization section, review the listings to identify whether your product checkout is currently set to live or draft.

3. Activating Your Product

  • If your product is in draft mode:

    • Click on Publish next to the desired draft checkout.

    • Confirm by selecting Publish.

4. Verifying Activation

  • To ensure the changes have been implemented:

    • Click on ⋯ adjacent to your now live checkout.

    • Select View to observe how the live checkout appears to your customers.

Your product is now set to active mode, ensuring compatibility with the Cowlendar booking app. Always remember to save any changes made during this process.

Note: It is crucial to maintain only one live checkout at a given time for accurate customer traffic management.

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