🏠How to add Cowlendar on my homepage?

There are 3 ways to add Cowlendar on your homepage.

Prerequisite : You need to have created at least one service on Cowlendar and Cowlendar needs to be enabled on your theme.

Said differently, you can't "simply add a service on your homepage" because services absolutely need to be tied to a product. This is how Cowlendar works.

Once you have one service and Cowlendar is enabled on your theme, you can use one of the 3 solutions :

Solution 1 : you open your theme Editor (Online Store > Themes > Customize ) and click on "add section". You pick "featured product" and you make sure to pick one of the service you've created on Cowlendar. No worries if you don't see the "book now"' button while editing your website. Please check it on your live website. Sometimes "book now" does not show on the editor.

Solution 2 : you add a section called Custom HTML (it can also be called Custom Liquid or Custom Content depending on the theme). Then you copy/paste the code of the inline widget in the Custom Liquid file. Please check this blog post to learn how to find the inline widget code

Warning, it only works if you have one variant.

Solution 3 : you can add a direct link to your calendar in any text/button you have setup on your homepage. For this, you simply need to use the direct link of your service in any button. Click here to learn how to find the direct link of your service.

Warning, it only works if you have one variant.

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