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Hey I'm Leo, the app founder. Any time you speak with someone on the Livechat or through email, you're speaking directly with me. I'm only human so please don't be too mad if I do not reply right away (which I usually do). Can't wait to talk with you :)

What is Cowlendar?

Cowlendar is booking app that adds a native scheduling popup on any service/product you sell on Shopify.

Said differently, Cowlendar will change any of your product from that :

...to that ...

1️⃣Step 1/2 - Create your first service on Cowlendar2️⃣Step 2/2 - Enable Cowlendar on your theme [MANDATORY]

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

🆘"Help! I Can't See the Cowlendar Calendar!"Remove Cowlendar branding🧍How to make my timeslot bookable by X persons at a time?🕣How to change the price based on the duration?

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