⛓️I don't want to link a service to a product. I just want to setup a bookable calendar on my homepage

The app works by changing the "add to cart" button on your product page by a "book now" button.

The app absolutely needs to be linked to a product.

This being said, once you've linked the app to a product, you can use the "book now"' button elsewhere (not necesarily on a product page) by using the integration feature. Specifically the direct link feature ( https://penida.gitbook.io/cowlendar-help/how-to.../how-to-use-the-integration-feature/how-to-use-the-direct-link-feature ) or the inline widget feature ( https://penida.gitbook.io/cowlendar-help/how-to.../how-to-use-the-integration-feature/how-to-use-the-inline-widget-feature )

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