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Step 1 : Make sure you've enabled the app

First things first, let us make sure Cowlendar is up and running properly in your theme. Please ensure that the app is installed correctly and enabled.

Step 2: Enable Cowlendar on your theme [MANDATORY]

Make your way to the Shopify dashboard and click on "Online Store," followed by "Customize" to open your theme editor. Once there, direct your attention to the left side of your screen (or the right if you are on a screen larger than 15 inches) and find the "App Embeds" section. In there, locate and click on "Enable Cowlendar."

Here is a crucial part: do not forget to hit "Save"! It is a common step to miss, and we receive many messages from users who overlook it. By saving your changes, you ensure everything works as it should, and you instantly become one of our favorite users! 😉❤️

Step 3 : Make sure you've created at least one product on Shopify. The way the app works is by transforming a regular product into a bookable product. The app adds a calendar to a product

Step 4 : Almost there! Now, navigate the Cowlendar dashboard and look for the "Create Bookable Product" button (or a similarly named option). Select the product you want to make bookable, and simply follow the provided steps to complete the setup.

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