🦄I want to add more than 1 service, how to do it?

Everyone can add an unlimited number of service on Cowlendar. This is not a Premium feature.

When you first click on "new service" you can select product/variant of 1 product. After you've picked one, other products are greyed out.

No worries, it is normal.

You will not be stuck at 1 service on Cowlendar.

You can only add one product at a time but no worries, as soon as you've added the first one (and hit "save"), click on "my services" and you'll be able to click on "new service" again (top rght corner button) as many times as you want.

Said differently, you can only create a service for 1 product at a time.

You can even use the duplicate feature of the app to make the process go faster.

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