🕣How to change the price based on the duration?

Setting Up Service Durations with Pricing Variants on Cowlendar Integrated with Shopify

When offering services with variable durations on Cowlendar, you may encounter a challenge in correlating service duration to pricing. To address this, you must create specific product variants on Shopify, each representing a different duration and price. Here is how to accomplish this seamlessly:

Step 1 : Open your product and add some variants

Log into your Shopify dashboard and navigate to the product in question. Here, you must establish variants to represent the multiple service durations you offer. Follow these steps:

  • Go to 'Products' and select the product you wish to modify.

  • Scroll to 'Variants' and click '+ Add options like size or color.'

  • Enter an option name, for example, 'Duration,' and specify the option values, such as '1 hour,' '2 hours,' and so forth. These will be visible to customers as they choose a service.

  • Save your changes. If needed, you can add up to three different options per product.

With your Shopify variants ready, head over to Application > Cowlendar > My services > New service:

  • Click on "New service" to create a new service entry.

  • Select the variant corresponding to the first service duration, like '1 hour.'

  • Ensure that the service duration on Cowlendar matches the duration of your Shopify variant, for instance, 60 minutes.

  • Repeat this process for each service duration you have set up as a variant in Shopify. You can streamline this by duplicating services within Cowlendar and adjusting the duration accordingly.

Then don't forget to only pick the correct duration, aka 60min for me.

Step 3 : create as many services as you have durations

Now, you'll replicate this process for each service duration your product offers. Let's say you offer three different durations. You will create three distinct services in Cowlendar, each corresponding to one of these durations. Here is how you do it:

If you have 10 different durations with different prices, you will have to create 10 services on the app.

Quick tip : once you've created your first service, you can simply duplicate it so you don't have to start from scratch again. To do that click on "My services" then find the service you want to duplicate and click on the 3 little dots, then click on duplicate.

From the Cowlendar dashboard, select "New service" to create a new service for the following duration, say, 2 hours. Alternatively, streamline your work by duplicating an existing service. To duplicate, go to "My services," find the service you want to copy, click on the three dots for more options, and select "Duplicate."

If you are creating a new service, fill in the details, ensuring you select the right duration, such as 120 minutes for a 2-hour service. When you edit a duplicated service, update the duration to match the new service, like changing from 60 to 120 minutes.

Save your changes to secure this new service option.

Repeat these steps for each additional duration you offer. For a 3-hour service, choose 180 minutes and then save.

Don't forget to hit save.

With these actions, you will have set up individual services for each time slot available, ensuring your customers can choose precisely the service they need. Remember, each service must be saved with the correct duration before moving on to the next one. By the end, if you have three different durations, you will have three separate services listed on Cowlendar.

Step 4 : open your product page and check that the price varies accordingly to the variant your customer will pick

After setting up all the services in Cowlendar corresponding to your Shopify variants:

  • Navigate back to your product page to verify that the price and available timeslots update according to the selected variant.

  • Each variant should reflect the appropriate duration and price, ensuring a consistent and accurate booking experience for your customers.

Additional Notes on Shopify Variant Creation:

Before adding variants, consider the following:

  • You can have a maximum of 100 variants per product.

  • Each product can have up to three distinct options.

  • Utilize custom metafields to store additional details for variants if necessary. This means that by clicking on the variant you can type something else besides color, size, etc

Remember to customize the details for each variant, such as price and inventory, to reflect the different durations and corresponding service charges accurately.

By integrating your Shopify variants with Cowlendar services following these steps, you can provide customers with a clear and streamlined booking process, enhancing their experience and simplifying your service management.

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